I'm going to use this page to document our various camping trips. Since i can't seem to figure out how to make each trip a seperate post on this new page, it'll just be one long post possibly!

APRIL 13 2012
This was our second trip, didn't get as many pictures as i would've liked. We thought the first time was miserable, this time, it poured cats and dogs on us all friday night! everyone was soaked to the bone. Unfortunately i don't have any pictures of that night, wasn't about to risk ruining my camera lol
Other than it being a little cold an rainy as hell on friday, it was good. Saturday, didn't rain at all, got a little chilly, but that was about it. sleeping was much better than the first time, bill and i got to use the air mattress, we were much more comfortable this time. i won't mention that when we opened it up after setting up the tent, it had mold on it, we used it anyway and threw it out at the end of the trip. Saturday was filled with some sunshine and no rain, thank god! Even crappier than the rain, was teh rowdy red necks in the next campsite over, who were up till the wee hours on friday night drinking and being loud. But that was nothing compared to saturday night. All day they were drinking, believe me, that's not a big deal, it was the fact that they were loud and obnoxious and made you want to kill them all! Then we were woken up at 3 in the morning because one of the girls was drunker than shit and decided to get mad at her boyfriend and yell all night long and scream about how she wanted to go home and give her her keys blah blah blah. OMG someone put her down already! Other than that it was a good time!

The Campsite:

My niece and I:

The Campers:

Frisbee Golf:


this was our first camping trip. let me tell you it was freezing!! We went out an camped near the beach over in the malibu area. We had a good time other than freezing our butts off at night! Bill and i were so miserable and cold that we didn't even stay for the second night, i think we left around 10 that night because we were so opposed to going back into the tent for another night and sleeping on the freezing ground. I had an air mattress but i let my sister and my niece use it, so they were nice and warm lol! Other than the sleeping, it was a good time. We were able to go down to the beach all day on saturday, it turned out to be a nice day! Bill and i built a sand castle, we named Winterfell (game of thrones). the water was freezing, not that i brought my bathing suit, but i did go out into the tide pool when the tide went out. there were tons and tons of sea anenomes, it was pretty awesome! overall, we had a good time, but note to self, don't go camping in the winter without a hookup at the campsite for our portable heater or without a trailor if the latter is not possible!!
here are a few pictures:
This is the gang that went:

My Sister and I:

Mexican horshoes:


Nighttime Shenanigans:

My neice, then bill and i


  1. I was re-reading some of this and I feel I should clarify one thing....when I say first camping trip, what I mean is first for this group I guess...or first as adults and not having our parents or whomever set it up....this was all done by us, well me really. But it's us "kids" doin it ourselves. Yes I hope my parents can go on the future trips but we'll be the ones planning it and they will be along for the ride, we'll switch roles hehe.

    I love camping and I hope to do a lot more of it, it was something I really enjoyed as a kid and hope to enjoy with ky future kids and family an friends!

  2. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! You have the same kind of hair as I do! Cool.

  3. We do, we always have fun!
    Woohoo for our hair! Love it....most of the time anyway! ;)