Sunday, July 26, 2015

Fitness Blender 4 Week Fat Loss Program Round 2

I finally finished Fitness Blender's 4 week low impact fat loss program after getting halfway through and starting over because of events going on. I'm now redoing the program for round 2. 
I didn't lose any weight the first time through, I've got a lot to work off, however I do feel stronger. I can tell because starting the program over I've notice that certain exercises aren't as difficult as they were the first time through. Strength is definitely a key part, I'm not doing this for purely vain reasons. I'm doing it for overall health and  feeling better about the outside is a nice bonus.

I'm going to continue to promote Fitness Blender because I think they are just wonderful. They have a before and after videos that I think is pretty powerful and proves that what they are doing is right. I'm excited, ok maybe not excited, but I'm looking forward to seeing my transformation and sharing it with the Fitness Blender community. They have an app now. It's great because everyone on there is so positive. Everyone is there to help each other.

I wanted to check in and give Fitness Blender some more props because they rock!
Here's to being awesome!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Las Vegas Downtown Grand Review

I really enjoyed my weekend stay at the Downtown Grand this past weekend. We were in Vegas to celebrate my cousins 30th birthday! Everything was pretty great from the moment we arrived.
One of the best features was the free valet service with the stay. My cousin and her husband were staying at a different hotel and had trouble finding parking several times, one time even having to park at another hotel. That made this feature that much better. And if you thought free valet couldn’t get any better, you were wrong. At the Grand, you could text the valet service to let them know you were getting ready to pick up your car. Within 5-10 minutes you receive a text that your car is ready! How great is that! I’ve never seen that before. No waiting out in the heat or standing in line forever to pick up your car! Great feature Downtown Grand!
The room was also nice. We had a standard room with a king bed. The room was fairly large, had plenty of room to spread out. Some rooms are just so small cramped, not this one. The AC also worked like a dream. With the temperature anywhere between 113-118 that weekend, having AC that worked that well was amazing. I saw several reviews on Yelp that complained about the AC being too cold. I don’t see how that’s a problem myself. Why don’t you just turn the thermostat up instead of complaining about it. I found it absolutely refreshing walking into my room so cold after being in that heat. Having the AC work so well was fantastic! The only Yelp complaint I can agree with, was the bathroom shower. The idea was good, the execution was pretty terrible. The shower itself was great. The water, the temperature, size of the shower…all great. What wasn’t great, was the half shower door, glass, whatever you want to call it. Basically, it was an open shower. There was a wall of glass that only covered the shower opening about halfway. Now, when I first read the reviews on Yelp, I thought, “Really? It can’t be that big of a deal. These people are trippin.” Well they were completely right! It was pretty bad. Again, I love the idea of it, but not executed well. If you’re going to do that, the wall needs to extend further and cover about ¾ of the opening because water gets everywhere. From the moment you turn it on it’s splashing out, even turning the head as far as I could towards the wall (which wasn’t very much) wasn’t enough. Then when you’re in there, it’s still spraying from off your body so that by the time your done, the floor is wet and the towel you have down on the floor is soaked! And if you think about taking a shower with your significant other or whoever one of you is going to freeze your ass off while the other is enjoying the warm water! My suggestion to them is to add a sliding door. Probably a lot cheaper than extending putting in a new, longer piece!
That was my biggest complaint!
I chose this hotel because it had a pool. Now, I didn’t go to the pool like I had wanted. Way too many damn people! Which of course is not the hotels fault. That is what is expected when it’s 118 degrees outside! So I didn’t get to enjoy the pool, but I did have a nice view of it in my room so I know, the next time I’ll enjoy it.
Despite the reviews I saw of the casino, it being too small, I didn’t see that. Of course it’s a bit smaller because it’s a hotel downtown. It’s not nearly as small as some of the other hotels downtown. I thought it was a good size. Had a decent amount of tables and slots. The other great thing I found, going on a weekend, was that the hotel was never over crowded. Several times we went and walked Fremont street and ended up coming back to the Grand because the other hotels were too crowded. The tables were crowded and they didn’t have the lower $5 minimums at the Fremont street hotels.
I would definitely give this hotel 5 stars (even with the shower issue). I found the staff to be very pleasant and helpful. Good food downstairs and in the restaurants below. I would definitely recommend this hotel. You can still get the downtown experience while being slightly off Fremont street, a minutes walk away!

Vegas! Happy Birthday Cuz! Big 3-0

We were in Vegas to celebrate my cousins 30th birthday! 
Bill and I decided to rent a car. I didn't feel like putting those miles on my lease. We ended up with a brand new Toyota Yaris. It was just the 2 of us, so a compact car was all that we needed. Of course the guy renting to us tried to get me to upgrade. Tried to sell me on mustang or a convertible. Seriously? No. Don't want it! I'm cheap, I'm looking for best gas mileage here. Plus I've already pre-paid my reservation so give me my car and let me be on my way! Now, I did get suckered into coverage in case there was an accident, gets me everytime. I'm just paranoid because I can't afford to have to pay for this rental car to be damaged! Now I was pretty happy to get the Yaris beucase i had thought about getting that car when I leased my Honda Civic. Obvioulsy I went with the civic, which i'm glad I did. The Yaris was just too small. It was still a nice car, but I'm glad I got the civic. It did however have a large touchscreen monitor that my civic doesn't have which was nice, but still....the civic is better overall!
Enough about that! We made Vegas in good time on Friday. My poor cousin had to work and didn't get to leave until about 2:30pm, so of course, as most of us know, Friday traffic going to Vegas sucks! And she definitely ran into that. they didn't get to their hotel until just after 8:30. so glad i left in the morning! They hit the same issue on the way home, Sunday. If you don't leave Vegas early on Sunday, you are asking for trouble. You are going to going to be stuck in traffic because you and everyone else are leaving at the same time! 
I enjoyed our time there and I hope she did too! She seemed to have some luck with her at times. She kept wining decently on the penny slots! That bitch! I kept losing! ha! I swear, 3 or 4 times she'd say ok let's go to this slot, and so as i was going to pick a chair, she'd come up on that side that I had planned on sitting, so I would let her have that chair and sit in the one next to her. Well of course she would win! What the hell! Happened, like I said, 3 or 4 times! I told her that and said the next time she goes to sit in a chair I was planning on sitting I was going to shove her off! Lol! 
I did find a new game which I am liking a lot. 3 card poker. I'm not usually one to sit at a table because I generally don't know what I'm doing and I don't want to piss people off while they wait for me to figure it out. Not with 3 card poker. Totally easy, not much thinking involved. My sister told me about it. She played it the weekend before when she was there at the estitician show I think it was. So Bill and I played the night before we left at home, just the two of us to get a feel of the game and when we got to Vegas I really enjoyed it. I've become a table girl as I told Bill! That will now be my go to game! I probably won't win too much with that game because I play it as safe as I can, but I enjoy it and that's all that matters.
Bill and I stayed at the Downtown Grand, a newer hotel, or at least new to me. From what I was told, it replaced the Lady Luck. It was a nice hotel and one of the few, 3 I think, downtown that had a pool. Which, although I didn't go in like I planned, was a great to have in the 118 degree weather that was happening while we were there. (I am reviewing the hotel in my next post)
Bill and I still decided that next time we go to Vegas we are staying at Buffalo Bill's. I love that place! It's not too crowded, like ever. Really, it's rarely crowded which is great. They have a giant pool I can enjoy and not have it be full with people and I don't have to worry about crowds in general. If I really want to go to another hotel I can take the tram thingy over to Whiskey Pete's or the other hotel. Yes I like walking around downtown, but I don't need it, especially if it's super crowded. I'm happy just hanging out with Bill and I in the quietness of Buffalo Bills!
Here's to next time!