Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Slacking again

This past week was not a good week for me health wise. Bill and I ate like crap. Don’t get me wrong it was great, but I don’t feel great. I know it’s not good for me because generally I don’t feel good inside when eating junk. It tastes good going down but that’s about it.
I’m very, very slowly progressing towards my ultimate goal. Although I seem to take a step forward and then a couple steps back, I feel I’m moving in the right direction. I will get there. I’ll have more good days than bad ones. More healthy days than cheat ones and ultimately get to where I want to be.

Recently I’ve been hearing so much from other people about clean eating and detoxing and being alkaline and just crap in my opinion. All this fad stuff isn’t really what you need to be doing. If it’s a magic pill, or says lose weight fast it probably doesn’t work. What’s going to happen is your going ot lose a bunch of water weight and gain it right back. It’s not healthy for you. Now…I’m not a poster child for healthy eating and living, clearly, but I know what’s going to work. Exercise and healthy eating. It has to be balance. I’m no expert but this has proven time and time again to be the right choice. There isn’t some quick fix out there, I wish there was, but there isn’t. It’s work, hard work at times especially in the beginning, but it can be done. It might not happen immediately but it will happen if you work at it. And that’s what I’m doing. I’ve come to terms that it’s not going to happen in even a couple of months. It’s going to be a year until I can be where I really want to be and I’m ok with that. I’m ok, most of the time, with me and my body and my habits. I know they need changing, but it’s a work in progress and I’m ready to tackle it.