Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Putting On My Big Girl Pants

Wow, it’s already been a month. It’s scary how fast time goes by sometimes. Normally we talk about time in reference to our childhood or our kids growing up. Which definitely flies by. But I’m referring to my big girl moment. I finally was able to put on my big girl adult pants. Finally able to move out of my parents’ house. It only took 28 years! Which was not by choice. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and everything I do I want to do with them. I want them to be a part of everything, but I this should have happened long ago. Doesn’t matter, it’s happened now. I can start my adult life on my own, with Bill.  It’s been an experience, a great one. It feels wonderful to have a space of our own and to do with it what we want. As weird as it may be, I’ve anxiously awaited the day I could put my mark on something. The day I could pick out furniture and decorate how I wanted. It’s been fun picking out furniture and buying dishes and everything in between. It’s still a work in process but I’m enjoying it all. With that also comes responsibility. Being a grown up isn’t as fun as we thought it would be as a kid. There was plenty I never thought about or paid much attention to living at home. Now I totally get what why my mom is so anal cleaning her house and doing it her way. We could never quite clean it the way she wanted. But I get that now, I get that pride in ownership thing. So thanks Mom!
I look forward to this chapter and the next and just growing from here.