Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Vacation Planning

Vacation! I’m almost ashamed to say that my vacation dreaming/planning has turned into a girl’s getaway. Almost sorry. Ok, I’m not. I tried convincing Bill to go on a cruise. He wasn’t having it, which ok, that’s fine. I also asked the girls what they thought about a cruise and they said no way, or at least Sophia did. It scares her. So ok, my family isn’t going to be the cruising type. That’s ok with me. I’ll take a cruise by myself! Which is exactly what I’m planning. Ok, not exactly alone, wouldn’t really do that.

Momstercation…or at least that’s what I’m calling it. Cruising with my sister and mother next year in April! I can’t wait, it’s going to be so much fun. We will be going on a 4 night Baja Mexico cruise. Stopping in Catalina and Ensenada. I had hoped to do the 7 night Mexican Riviera cruise however my sister us unable to get away for that many days/nights. She doesn’t want to leave the kids at home that long and it’s not fair for her fiancé to take that much time off of work and not get to join in on the fun! I get it, I might feel a bit guilty too. We are still going to have a blast! The planning has begun and the deposit is made!

I’ve been cruising before, just once. Had a great time, so I’m looking forward to it again. It was a long time ago though, I was not long out of high school. This time will be even better. Especially because we are going all out and getting a “grand suite.” Should  be plenty of room for the 3 of us with a beautiful ocean view and generously sized balcony. We are planning on some shore excursions for Catalina. We are hoping to go kayaking and snorkeling. I have a fascination with fish so I’m very excited for that. The water is supposed to be pretty cold this time of year, but they provide wet suits so it will be worth it!

I still would like to do go on some kind of vacation/getaway with the girls. I know they love the beach and getting out and having fun, but they are also so much like their dad. They like their gadgets and being inside too! We’ll figure something out and have some fun. At least for the summer we have some things planned. A couple of trips back to the water park and to the beach and just hanging out at home with the pool.

Here’s to cruising and having fun!

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