Tuesday, April 7, 2015

W.O. #4

Workout complete last night! (Yes this is #4...and yes...it's been a week between this and #3...I know....I know...slacking already! Not happening again!)
Jumped onto YouTube and did two Fitness Blender workouts. I did the quiet cardio (low impact) and the ab boot camp workout. As I continue to realize I’m out of shape and not going to be able to jump right into something more advanced I find these really kick my butt. I’m back at beginner level. But that’s ok, it’s what happens when you go as long as I have without working at working out. No workout today as I’m donating plasma. My plasma days are going to become my rest days. If I want the results I’m looking for I have to suck it up and do this 5 days a week. I’ll have to get up and do it on the weekend. Which really isn’t so bad. I don’t do much anyway, what’s an hour out of the morning! Here’s to keeping moving and pushing on to make this a habit!

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