Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New Program

Doesn’t look like I’ll be on here daily like I’d hoped. Just ain’t happenin! But I will  try and update the progress every couple of days.
So…Finished my last workout of the week on Thursday. I should’ve done workouts on Saturday and Sunday, but unfortunately I had very busy days and didn’t get to them. Didn’t take the time like I should have. Shame on me!

I did have a  great weekend though. The girls came over Friday. Liv only stayed for dinner because she had a girl scout camp-out to get to early Saturday morning. We did get Soph for the night an all day Saturday. She had a birthday party Saturday that we stayed at for all of 15 minutes. She pulled a Sophia and closed up. Too many people she didn’t know and so she was uncomfortable. She later told us that if it was one adult and just kids she would’ve been ok but there were too many adults, which meant too many people for her to be comfortable around. I don’t blame her, she couldn’t even tell me which kid was the birthday kid. Apparently she was invited through girl scouts and said she didn’t know anyone there except for her best friend. By the time her little friend got here it was too late, not even that could compel her to stay. I don’t know why her and her sister clam up like this. They do it all the time, even around family. But other times they don’t stop talking. If it’s just us they are loud and crazy and funny but as soon as you bring other adults in the room they get “shy.” Hopefully they’ll grow out of it as they get older. It’s frustrating at times but they are still young enough to get a pass most times.

Sunday was a long day as well! Took my niece to the Aquarium of the Pacific for our annual birthday trip. It was a little early as her birthday is next month but I wanted to get it in! Every year we go somewhere just the two of us. I was excited myself as neither of us have ever been. Marine life fascinates me so I was very excited! However a bit disappointed. Not to say that the aquarium is anything bad, but I was hoping for more. Not sure what I expected but I was hoping it was bigger I guess. I’m conflicted because on one hand I love being able to see the marine life but I hate that they are confined to small cages often. Especially the bigger animals like the seals and sea lions. These big animals  confined to such small spaces. It’s sad. We did get to see some animals outside of the aquarium. We took the whale watching tour. That was very cool. We saw dolphins and whale. Can’t remember what kind however. But it was amazing and beautiful. Just awesome! Ariana truly enjoyed that! And in true Ariana fashion she found a friend to hang out with on the boat ride. Happens every time. No matter where we go she finds someone!

Yesterday I bought a fitness program from Fitness Blender. It’s a 4 week program only $7. Can’t beat that. I understand that yes, there videos are free online, whether it’s on their website or on YouTube. BUT, this program will tell you which videos to do which days and will get you results. And again, for $7 why not. I’m already working out to their videos so I figured why not change it up and see if this works. Plus once you buy a program you have it forever. I can recycle it and do it again. Which I plan on doing. Do it for 8 weeks. I’m confident this will be good!

Here’s to another week! Happy Tuesday!

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