Thursday, April 30, 2015

Healthy Healthy Healthy (Or at least trying to be)

Last week wasn’t a good week for working out. I was busy over the weekend and it carried into the week and I became a bit lazy on that front. But I’m back on track and happy to be. Bill has started working out as well. I’m excited for this, not because I think he needs to, but I’m happy to have a buddy. We are doing our own things but working out in the same room. I’ve got my Fitness Blender routine and he’s doing his thing. I told him that having him there working out keeps me motivated. If he’s doing his, even if I don’t want to do mine, I do it. If he’s sitting on the couch or in the other room I’m more inclined to want to skip my workout and cuddle up with him. Him doing this “with” me helps me to stay on track.
I’ve heard that working out with someone rather than alone is better. It keeps you motivated and you have someone there for encouragement. I definitely need that motivation some days.

Ok, so along with working out I’ve been trying to eat better as well. Make the better choices. Avoid the chips and soda and all that junk. For me, my biggest weakness is fast food. I don’t really eat sweets, no cake and candy. I like that stuff, but it’s never been an issue for me. It’s fast food. That devil! Portion control is also a problem! You get hungry and you eat more than you should!
I started using MyFitnessPal app and website a couple of years ago. It helped me lose about 15 pounds…of course I gained it back! I’m using it again to help me stay on track. With that I’ve been trying not to eat out. It happens, it does. We forget to take something out, something happens and we don’t have time to cook. Trying to limit this. Of course there will be days where I’ll indulge. The good thing is I’ve started to find things that I like that are healthier, that aren’t crappy food. I’ve started making rice and spinach balls for lunch during the week, for days I don’t have leftovers. I love these things! I’ll provide the spinach ball recipe in another post. I’ll warn you, you may think they are a little bland, the blog I got the recipe from said to dip in marinara. I personally like them just fine, no dipping. I of course add some cayenne for heat. I also make mine larger so it doesn’t make anywhere near the 2 dozen this recipe claims. But it works for me.  I can get 2-3 lunches out of it, which is perfect. And I love them, they are so good!

A healthy snack I’ve fallen in love with is celery and cream cheese. Wait, what?! Cream cheese? Yes cream cheese! I’ve been using Lucerne Greek. It’s a cream cheese and Greek yogurt blend. Tastes just as good as the regular stuff and it’s low calorie. I don’t even like celery that much, but this I could eat all day! A few sticks and a little bit of the cream cheese and I’m good to go!

One thing I find that I love is chicken. We don’t have a grill at the apartment. (we could get one and keep it down near the pool, but we haven’t just yet) Instead we’ve been cooking the chicken in a pan. It’s amazing. My mouth waters thinking about it. Comes out nice and juicy! Bill does it perfectly. He cooks it in a little bit of butter, about 1 maybe 2 tablespoons for 2 good sized chicken breasts. Seasoned with a little bit of salt, some pepper and cayenne. (We like our cayenne!) It has seriously become my favorite thing ever! It’s so good! Try it! You’ll love it too. We usually pair this with white rice and green beans. I’d eat this every day!

We are  trying to cook as much as possible and eat as healthy as we can.

Here’s to a healthier living and enjoying it!

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