Thursday, April 16, 2015

Financial Stability

When I was younger, just starting out as an adult, I had no idea about money or credit. Not a clue how to be responsible with it. I’ve had a job since I was roughly 15. As soon as I turned 18 and graduated high school I got a full-time job. I’ve been fortunate enough to have one ever since. What I haven’t had until recently, the last roughly 6 years was responsibility for my money and credit. I’ve fought and uphill battle that I’m continuing to fight to get my credit and finances straight. Not all of my struggle has been my fault but some of it has. I did stupid things like open credit card accounts when I was 18 and then was unable to pay them back. If you aren’t taught or don’t do the research you don’t realize how these things can affect you later in life. I learned that the hard way. I’m working my way out of debt and keeping my school debt as low as possible while I finish. I’m working my credit score up. All these things so that my life can be easier when I want to buy a house or get that better job. Yes, my credit history has come into play at work.

There is so much I wish I knew just 10 years ago getting out of high school. It’s so important to be smart with your money and your credit. It’s a parents responsibility to teach that to their children. I also wish schools did more with this and taught kids more about money and their credit. It’s just so important. You don’t think about that, or at least I didn’t, when I turned 18 and offers were coming in the mail. I hope to pass the struggles I’ve gone through and what I’ve learned and continue to learn on to any kids I may have, our girls and my niece and nephew. It’s just so important, I can’t stress that enough. If you have kids I hope you are planning and preparing them when the time comes. I know people aren’t always comfortable talking about money, but this is something that needs to be addressed and discussed.

Here’s to financial stability for us all!

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