Monday, March 30, 2015


Vacation! I’ve been wanting to go on vacation for a while. A real vacation. I love my little getaways and staycations where I take 1 or 2 days off and extend my weekend even when I don’t do anything. Bill and I just did that this past weekend. We took 2 days off. That added to the Friday we get off every other week gave us a 5 day weekend. It was wonderful. We really didn’t do anything, but it was good just to have some time off, which is why we did it.
Bill is not a vacation kind of guy and neither am necessarily. Like I said, I like my extended weekends. I like doing several things over the year rather than one big thing. But, I want to do a big thing. We had talked about it last year and talked about doing something with my family. We wanted to go to a Beaches resort, but holy moly, they are expensive. I think it was going to be around 8k for just Bill and I. Not something we can justify spending that much money on. Or even find that much money to spend! Ha!
The girls were fortunate enough to go on vacation to Hawaii these last 10 days with their mother and their mother’s boyfriend. I’ll admit I’m a little jealous! I’m sure it was beautiful. Each time we spoke with them they seemed to be really enjoying themselves.
That got me thinking, I’ve told Bill before I would love to go on a family vacation and take the girls somewhere. As our funds are limited, my goal is to take a vacation in the summer of 2017. Never too early to plan right? I’ve got most of it figured out and I hope this is something we can do. I’m going to start saving up funds for it in the next month or so. The girls will be a little older, 9 and 10 (almost 11) at that point and so I hope it’s something they’ll remember and enjoy!
Here’s to hoping and wishing and planning!

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