Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mom's Birthday

This is a little usual...we happily celebrated my mother's birthday this month. I won't say how old she is lol. Her birthday is March 8, so we decided we'd have the family come over and just have a good time.
We had the family and some of my mom's friends came over. It was also my brother's friends birthday. Some of my brother's friends were there too. They are always over at the house so it was business as usual.
Of course we had beer pong and shots going. I didn't personally partake heavily. Just a few games of beer pong.
And of course, there was tons of food. Can't have it any other way. We also had the mexican horshoes going. It's not a get together if we don't have those!
I do have to brag a bit about the cupcakes we made. I got the idea online and I think they turned out really cool. It was definitely harder than the tutorial looked! But it was fun, my sister and I made them. Here's where I got the idea for the cupcakes. AND i never make my cupcakes from scratch...ask anyone, I love my Betty Crocker boxed cupcakes. I know some people don't, but I do. Maybe one day I'll make them from scratch....Here's some pictures of the night