Thursday, February 6, 2014

Weight Loss Contest At An End

Well our weight loss contest is over. AND I lost. The skinny guy one! He “supposedly” lost 17lbs! I’m just a sore loser! LOL! No, I’m not really! It was all fair! I was there for 2 of his weigh ins… I just can’t believe he lost 17 pounds! Which is great for him! We all gave him a hard time the last couple of days! All in good fun of course. Mostly everyone did great. A couple girls lost around 20lbs each, which is great too!…I only lost 8.

I’m mad at myself for not sticking to it. I started off doing really well, then the holidays hit, and I still did ok, but it wasn’t exercising like I should’ve and I was definitely not watching what I ate as much as I should have. It’s all about lifestyle change and not necessarily dieting. I’m still working on getting that down! I will say that I’ve been pretty good about incorporating exercise into my daily routine. At work I’m definitely doing more walking, more often than not, than I have in the past, just from changing positions and doing new things. But I’ve added walking to my after work routine. I’m trying to knock out mon-fri. I’ve decided I’m not the running/jogging type, just no. But walking, I like walking! I have to say that I found a great app to keep track of my distance and speed and I love it, especially cause it now syncs with my other app that I use to keep track of calories and stuff. The walking/running app is MapMyRun…they have all kinds of apps related to it that do the same thing, just different names, by the same company. BUT I love that it syncs with MyFitnessPal so I don’t have to try and log those calories burned into the other app. I highly recommend both apps!

If we do another contest, I hope to do better! It’s definitely fun doing it this way, friendly competition and hazing. It’s pretty cool how something like this can motivate you. ---The cash prize helped a little too ;) --- here’s to a healthier me and fun with co-workers!