Saturday, January 18, 2014

New Year's Eve 2013

Ok, so I know this is a bit late.....that's ok though. What a blast we had! Kept it safe for most of us, ok me,  because I didn't have to drive home. We had everyone over at my parent's house! Definitely a fun family get together!

My mother was definitely trying and succeeding in getting people drunk off shots. We did chocolate cake shots and what I like to call fucker pucker sucker ducker shots. It's a made up name. I couldn't recall the actual name of the shot only that it had the word fucker and possibly sucker. I didn't feel like looking that name back up! If you've ever had a chocolate cake shot you know it's a bit strange. It definitely taste like chocolate cake, but to me, it's like a crappy chocolate cake from the grocery store, but not bad. We had plenty of those going around.

Beer pong galore as well. I'd like to say Bill and I started out winning pretty good but then our luck ran out and we had new champions. Beer pong is always fun except for the drinking part. The beer gets pretty gross tasting fast. Especially when you play with Natty Ice or Coors Light like we did.

You'd think we were a bunch of drunks. We are not. Seriously. That's one of the few times we all get together and drink like that. I myself have sworn off hard alcohol after that night, lol. Except for an occasional margarita!

I really do treasure these nights. I love getting together with my family and just having fun. Lots of fun and tons of food. You can't beat it!