Sunday, November 16, 2014

Today I Say Goodbye

It's been almost 2 months to the day that we lost you. I still have trouble realizing you are gone. It's weird to think that you aren't at home right now getting ready for one of your functions and enjoying what you loved best. I have to really think about that fact that you aren't there doing these things.

I try not to regret things in life but I regret not spending time with you more. I can say I'm glad that the last couple of years we were able to keep in touch via email. I'll keep those forever and keep my memory of you forever.

You did so much that I was not aware of and you were so special to so many. More than I could have imagined. You were a pillar in your community and your church, which was your world. You did so much for so many. Hearing all the loving and caring words as we laid you to rest was amazing. It was inspiring and I'm glad I got to call you grandmother and that you are a part of me. You'll always be a part of me and my family. Forever you will be missed.

Though I may regret the time we didn't spend together I will treasure the time we did have. I will treasure my memories and make you proud of the woman I've become and the woman I will be. You'll always be in my thoughts and in my heart. I love you grandmother....

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