Monday, December 30, 2013

Fancy Dinner Party

The other night we, my sister and I, decided to throw my niece a "Fancy Dinner Party." Ariana and I had talked about it a month ago or close to and we said we could have a nice dinner and dress up and do our hair and make-up. So we did it. We got "fancy" and had a coursed meal and just had fun. It was a little difficult as we were cooking and serving ourselves. I tried to get Bill and Chris to serve us since they didn't dress "fancy" but no luck. I was going to make them sit somewhere else too, but in the end they sat with us in their "normal" clothes.

We started our meal with a soup and salad course. We then had our main course which consisted of grilled chicken topped with a ricotta and cream cheese sauce and topped with bacon with homemade macoroni and cheese and broccoli. We then had dessert, brownie cups and ice cream with chocolate syrup. It was very good and filling. We will probably do something simpler next time becuase we were having to cook and serve and try to enjoy ourselves too.

We spruced things up with items from the dollar store. Plastic wine glasses, filled with cider of course. Perfect for kids. We also picked up some plastic plates and dishes as well as some nice paper plates. I think we did pretty well. Here are some pictures. Can't wait to do it again!

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