Monday, October 28, 2013

Love my cartoons!

What can I say, I love my adult cartoons! I’ll admit it, I fall asleep to Cartoon Network every night! There is a show, Bob’s Burgers, it’s new to me and it’s absolutely hilarious. I find myself having to turn the television down so I can’t hear it enough to make out what they are saying, otherwise I’m not going to sleep and I’ll keep turning over to see what’s going on. Of course this happens because I have to have the sound of the TV on. I did this last night! I was cracking up at the episode on. It was already past the time I would like to be asleep and of course I couldn’t help myself. Funny how that always happens! On a Saturday night I’ll fall asleep at 8 on occasion but I can’t seem to do that on work night, that’s just not right! Anyway, I’m endorsing this show, it’s great. Never too old for cartoons!

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