Thursday, October 31, 2013


Yay for Halloween! Always a good time. Although I'm personally not doing anything. Although I did get to dress up for work, for once, as I mentioned before. I'm mad at myself for waiting until the last minute to finish my costume. Thankfully Bill was here to help me, it was a little harder than i though making the corset, BUT we did it, really Bill did all the work. I should've used a different shirt but I had to match! It turned out all right, but it could've been better, but I was happy overall.

I will say that the 3 of us in my department that dressed up came in second place in the costume contest. We went in as a group of pirates, I was the wench! We had a treasure chest and everything as you can see in the pictures! It was fun, I didn't think I'd enjoy participating at work that much! lol!

I have only a couple of pictures, another thing I'm annoyed at myself for, I didn't take any pictures and I should've so here's what I have. The cupcakes took up most of my time! Should've spent more on my costume and pictures ;) Also had to throw one in there of my beautiful niece!

YES, my co-workers costumes were awesome!! much better than mine!

oh...and here are the cupcakes!

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