Monday, April 1, 2013


It’s Monday, we are back at work. Bleh! Although I shouldn’t complain, I’m extremely happy to have a job! I could’ve used another day off though. Who am I kidding, I could always use another day off! HA! I wouldn’t mind if it rained today like it did yesterday, but I was hoping it would’ve been nice yesterday…for Easter. I love the rain and all but still….I’m not religious in any way and my niece was with her father’s family, so I wasn’t worried about having sunshine for any of that. But it would’ve been nice to BBQ in nice weather. Especially because it is staying lighter later. We usually have dinner on Easter with most of the family; aunts, uncles, cousins etc. This is on my mother’s side, unfortunately my father’s side lives too far away. No one is that religious but we still like to get together, usually, this year we didn’t, it was just the immediate family, which is ok too.

We actually didn’t even start making dinner until about 6:30. For a couple of reasons. As I said my niece was at her father’s side and was coming back around 4 to go to a bowling tournament with my sister’s boyfriend. They were bowling together. They wouldn’t be done until at least 7 so we waited to have dinner when they were done. I’d say it turned out pretty good. We did nothing traditional, no ham, which is good because I’m no fan of ham. We did ribs instead, with some corn and baked beans. I’ll have that over a ham dinner any day! Bill made and apple brown betty (sp?). Which was pretty good. I don’t normally eat anything like that, I’m pretty picky with desserts, but I tried it and it was good. He did a good job! First time making it.

We sat around eating and watching The Rundown, good movie. A great ending to the day


  1. I think it's totally cool that your Bill can bake! Sounds like you had a nice chill Easter. Good for you, Devin! xoxo

    1. Thanks! It’s nice to be able to bake together! xoxo