Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Update on AJ

From my last post, a while back now, you know that my cousin was diagnosed with cancer. Stage 4 Osteocarcoma. For what he’s going through, I think he’s doing very well. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to see him but one time and that was for about 3 minutes. I had been sick for weeks with whatever has been going around. The coughing and stuffy nose, that damn cough just doesn’t go away. When I’m finally better I went to see him, BUT Bill was with me, because we went straight after work, and he wasn’t feeling well. He’d been sick with me and now he was getting it again, which he didn’t tell me until we were there. SO….with him starting to feel that way, we were not allowed to stay, for good reason, it’s not worth risking him catching something.

To update on him, the chemo is working! But while in the hospital his lungs collapsed and they needed to stop the chemo. They needed his lungs to heal before they could start again. The following is an update from my aunt on what is currently happening as of last week:

“He completed this session of chemo, we were hoping to have the breathing tubes out by the end of this week, but his doctor wanted to be on the safe side and decided to keep the breathing tubes in until Monday or Tuesday next week, then he will be under observation for a few days to make sure his lungs do not collapse again, if his lungs are strong we get to go home for one week…YIPPEE….we have been in the hospital for a month already.  Then on March 25th, we go back into the hospital for another round of Chemo, he is then transported to Baldwin Park Kaiser for his surgery, we will be in Baldwin Park for two weeks, then back to Woodland Hills Kaiser for two more weeks chemo.  From that point, another PET scan and …we then pray pray pray for great results.

I want to thank everyone for their support, prayers and thoughts, you are all so dear and near to my heart, I am TRULY BLESSED to have such a great GREAT bunch of friends, co-workers and family.”

We are hoping for the best and that the chemo continues to work and that he can beat this! The support that his family has received from family and friends alike is amazing! It really is! So many people have shown their support it’s very touching. The human race can amaze you in good ways sometimes and I’m so thankful that so many have come to support him and I know it does a lot for him and his morale. It’s wonderful!

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