Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Megan's Bachelorette Party 3.23.13

Saturday was Megan's bachelorette party. She is my cousin Corey's fiancee. Excited to have her join the family officially!

Let me tell you we had a lot of fun. We went to Hamburger Mary's to have dinner and watch the drag show. What a show. It was pretty good. Definitely got me and everyone else hooting and hollering and just having a great time! I didn't bring my camera but used the one on my phone and it shows, HA! I did the best I could.

We started out with drinks at Julie's house, some kind of wine drink or kind of like jungle juice, i'm not really sure, but it was good. Then followed the limo with champagne, a glass for everyone and a few followed that up with some vodka and/or jack and coke on the way there. Then of course as soon as we arrived the drinks were flowing. It was a lot of fun, the service was a little slow but the food was pretty good and of course the show was great. Here's some of the pictures from that night....again from my phone, don't judge ;)

Obviously the bride to be is in white! it was a cute idea...everyone else wore all black and colorful heels while the bride to be was in white!

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