Monday, January 7, 2013

It's a New Year, here I come

It’s the New Year, 2013, and we are still alive. We made it through the Mayan apocalypse. I’m sure sometime soon, there will be a newly predicted end of the world date. Another chance for the crazies to predict our doom! Joy!

With the New Year come resolutions. As I’ve heard others say, and I agree with them, I don’t like to make New Year’s resolutions because I never stick with them. Goals are better, although I fear I may not stick to those either. BUT I’d like to try. This for me isn’t necessarily something that I’m doing because of the New Year, it’s something I’ve been trying on and off to do for the past year or so. And as always, with most women I think, I’d like to lose weight. It really hit me the other day, more so than in the past, when I went to buy a pair of jeans. I had to return a pair for a bigger size. It was bad enough returning the size that they were and made worse by the size I had to get! UGH! Let me just say, I was never anywhere close to this size in my life. It all started a few years ago, while with my ex. It’s awful because you don’t even realize what’s happening, and then you wake up one day and BOOM! LOTS of pounds heavier and your clothes don’t fit! Then you see a picture of yourself and DAMN WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!!

I know it’s probably not realistic to think that I’ll look like I did when I was 18, but I’d sure as hell like to get close. I’m only 26; I should be healthier and happier with myself. I’m lucky to have the best man beside me that thinks nothing is wrong with me and loves me the way I am. Who tells me I’m crazy every time I tell him I wish my butt or boobs were smaller. But, I need to do this for me! I really need to take this seriously and get healthy and happy for me!

I think this whole jeans shopping experience really woke me up. I’m not saying that I’m never going to eat a cheeseburger or drink a soda, that’s just silly. I don’t like the idea of dieting, I need to work on eating healthier as a whole and incorporating more exercise. I think, in my opinion, that’s where a lot of people go wrong, I’ve seen it, with people I know. Extreme dieting. Because once they stop and try and start eating normal again, the weight comes right back. Clearly I’m not nutritionist or doctor, but I believe in portion control. That’s probably one of my biggest problems. Other than eating out more than I should lol. Here’s to this GOAL and making this change! This is me taking control of my life and getting to a healthier happier me!


  1. I don't believe in all these weird diets either and definitely not if you don't exercise. I believe in exercise combined with more veggies and fresh products, less processed foods. And less stress... however easy that is to reach..
    I know all about jeans shopping and what it does to your self image.. yuck. Jeans seem to be made only for skinny teens these days.

    1. It's definitely about changing and eating better! I agree, less stress defintely helps! I try to stay away from that! ;)
      SO true about the jeans, apparently everyone in this world is built like a runway model! Hard to find jeans that fit the curves! lol!