Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas come and gone

Christmas has come and gone. I'm happy because I can finally stop crocheting. I can give my fingers/hands/arms a break. It was worth it though, giving my family members a present that was practical and something that had a little more meaning to it since I made it. AND I was finally able to give Bill his present! Which was nerve racking. I gave him an Xbox and he's been wanting one for a while. I had to keep convincing him to wait to buy one. He would mention it when he saw one for a good price and I had to keep telling, him no, no, just wait. Thankfully he did and I was able to surprise him with it.

This Christmas my Uncle and his wife on my dad's side, who we don't really see, were able to come up and spend a day with the family, along with Martha, a woman who lives with my grandmother, who i absolutely adore! Martha is great! My grandmother and her sister also came up, and have been staying with us this week, they will go home tomorrow. It's been good to see her and see her doing so well after her hospital stay and being sick. It's also brought us all together with having dinners at my other Aunt's home. Playing games like we do at all the holidays. It's been great.

Now I'm going to enjoy the rest of my time off from work, I'll go back next Wednesday :/

Friday, December 14, 2012

another down...a couple to go

I finally finished this semester, took my last final last night. This semester has been a long one. I haven’t received my final grades yet, but I know I did great in 3 of the 4 classes. The 4 th I’m just hoping to pass. I don’t know what it was about this class that no one seemed to do well. I say that, not trying to shift the blame for my poor performance, which I’m mad and disappointed in myself for, but I wasn’t the only one suffering this professor. At first, I’ll admit, I blamed it on the fact that I missed more classes than I should have, which was stupid on my part; but a couple of weeks ago after a quiz or take home assignment, she had our grades printed and listed on a sheet of paper. (the grades were by student ID so you couldn’t tell who was getting what, but all the grades were there) I kid you not when I say all but I believe 2 people in the class were getting a low C, high D or below. Although a lot of people seemed to have stopped coming to class and didn’t drop the class, out of the 15 ish people still left, only 2 were getting decent grades. I decided at that point, it wasn’t just me and my early slacking in the semester. Which in part was because I didn’t feel I was learning anything from this professor. I wasn’t alone because the last few weeks the other classmates have been saying the same thing. Although this isn’t an excuse for my poor performance, I feel that it said professor’s horrible teaching style, had a lot to do with it. I’m just hoping that I did well enough on the final to pass the class. That said, I’m glad the semester is over. I get one month off, woohoo!! Then back at it again.

In the meantime, I’ve been busy, busy, crocheting! It’s something my grandma taught her granddaughters to do. We never really did much with it, and I never really learned a lot of stitches or how to make too much, but in the recent months I’ve been working on it. I decided to make things, mostly beanies, for my family for Christmas. (mostly cause it’s inexpensive and I’m broke hehe) But I think they’ll like them. Hopefully. I’ve been teaching myself to do a lot of that, which I’m enjoying. I even taught Bill, and he’s making his girls beanies for Christmas. It’s the cutes thing. I could sit there forever watching him do it. Watching him concentrate, it’s the too great! He’s getting better every day! hehe So now that I have no school for a little bit, I will be crocheting like a mad woman getting this stuff done. I have more to do now that I have my dad’s family coming up for Christmas, hopefully I can get it all done in time!