Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Couch to 5K

Yesterday was the start of a new adventure! Not anything exciting like one might think or hope for. It’s something Bill and I decided to do after my Aunt brought the idea up to me. When I approached Bill with it, he told me that he had actually been thinking about it recently as something we might do. So we said, ok, we can do this. What is it we are doing? Running! Yes, I said it, running, well jogging really. Is it the same, no I don’t really think so, I think of runners as going at a faster pace than anything I would do!

We started jogging because I couldn’t get myself to go to the gym and I feel jogging is a much better workout than the gym. Not that I’m some workout junkie or anything close to that! No Way! If I don’t keep active and start jogging, I’ll get fatter, not something I’d like to do. Plus, I’d like to eat junk food every now and then and not worry about where it’s going to end up, my thighs or my ass!

If that sounds shallow, I’m sorry, because that is definitely not me! I want to lose weight and be healthier etc. etc. for me, because I’m not comfortable with me now like I was such and such pounds ago and I’d like to get back to there.

Now, back to our adventure, if you’ll continue to let me call it that, not that there is a choice. Bill and I had been jogging on and off in the past and haven’t been so diligent in our efforts as of late. So when my Aunt put this idea in my head, I thought, perfect, this will get us back on track. (I say us, but really me, he’s just such a good man that he does it with me) Yesterday, was our first run!

Let me first tell you what this plan actually is. It varies depending on where you look it up. But essentially it’s building up until you can jog 30 minutes or 3 plus change miles without stopping. Each week your jogging portion is increased by a few minutes. In between jogging your walking for a certain length of time. I’m going to be pretty impressed if we can do this. The one we found is 9 weeks long, 3 days per week.

Doesn’t sound too bad right? That’s what I thought! I figured, hey I could do this. I’m lucky enough that I’m athletic and have those abilities so I’ve been able to do similar things in the past with softball conditioning. But I always push the thought back in my mind that I’m older now and not working out hard like I did 6 or 7 years ago! (GAH! That long! Holy smokes! How time flies!)

My point is, I had that in my head, that I’d be able to do it, well I thought I was going to die halfway through our jog yesterday! I hate to admit it, but I had to cut it short. I had to cut it short by walking the rest of the way home. We broke it up into reps of jogging and walking, cause you jog then you walk, then you jog then you walk. So we had 8 reps, we did 4 cause I couldn’t do anymore. I’m going to chalk it up to not having jogged in months. So we will stretch that 9 week out to 10 weeks and continue this week’s workout to the 4 reps or more if I can handle it and then go to the 8 next week.

I still think we can do it. Like I said, I will be pretty impressed with Bill and I if we can work ourselves up to the 30 minutes non-stop jogging. I don’t know if it’s just me, but that sounds like a long time to just be jogging, the most I was ever able to do, other than on the elliptical, which isn’t the same, is 10 minutes and I was 16 or so, so that was, oh my, almost 10 years ago, yikes! Here’s to hoping we can do it and that we can stick to our little adventure and see it through to the end!

And thank you Bill for doing this with me and helping to push me to do it! I love you!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Birthday pics part 2

It just dawned on me as i sit here that i never posted pictures when we took my brother to Vegas last weekend for his 21st birthday. i posted the pictures for the party at the house but not for vegas....her goes:

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Tattoos…..oh how I love them! Not that I want my body covered in them cause I definitely don’t and I personally don’t think that looks very good.

Now I know tattoos are a form of expression and to each his own. BUT, I’m sorry, there are some really dumb tattoos out there, which again, the person with that tattoo is probably going to think it’s awesome and I’m sure there are people who would think my tattoos are dumb! I really do not get the person who tattoos their whole body or their face, I just don’t get it. But that’s just me. If that’s what floats your boat then go for it, you just won’t see me doing it.

Lots of people I know have tattoos. My parents, my cousins, my aunt, my sister and some of my friends. In fact, my mother took me to get my first tattoo at 16 (when you could get a tattoo at 16, I don’t know that you can anymore). My parents had a couple tattoos before we were born but I’ve been witness to them getting the more recent ones, which I think is pretty cool. To the point where my mother, my sister and I actually share 2 tattoos. We got matching tattoos on our foot years ago. And more recently we all 3 got another one. It’s a lily with the Chinese word for family. My sister and I also share a matching tattoo. We both have the Chinese symbol for twin, since we are twins. hehe

I bring this up because I’m thinking I’m going to get my next tattoo soon. Soon meaning, at least a month and hopefully not much longer than that. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, I just haven’t done it. I go back and forth about what I want to do. I also weigh in Bill’s opinion. Now, let me say about that…yes he’d love me no matter what and yes I am my own person and if I really wanted to do something I’d do it. but because I care about his opinion and I know he’ll tell me how he really feels about it and will tell me the truth about how he feels it’ll look I take that into consideration.

There are a couple of things I’d like to do eventually, but what I’m looking to do first is put something on my left side. I’ve already got a large tattoo on my right side (that still needs some finishing up), what I’m thinking of doing is small, or somewhat small for now. I love lilies. They are my favorite flower, particularly the stargazers (the hot pink and white ones), but I love all lilies in any color! So I’m thinking I’m going to do 3 small lilies going down at kind of a slant with some girly black swirls around them…my thought is to have it so that if I wanted to add to it I could. I’m sure that doesn’t give a very good visual picture but I’ve seen some pictures online of other people’s tattoos to kind of have some inspiration. Which of course I don’t want to copy anybody and have the same thing…

I’ve had that happen already…picked my first tattoo off of the wall in the shop and a week later saw some girl with the same tattoo in the same spot, only different colors. Never doing that again!! That is one of the changes I will be making in future tattoos, I will be fixing that tattoo somehow to make it better! I’m also looking to put a tattoo on my other foot. I don’t like the one I have now on my left foot so I want to add to it and then do then make the same thing on my right foot and have them match! d

Tattoos are so addicting…yes I’ve wanted and thought about getting another tattoo on and off, all the time! But it’s always someone getting a tattoo that makes me think about it even more! I guess I’m jealous that I didn’t get to get one! Hahaha! For instance, my sister got another one not too long ago, which started me thinking more about what I really wanted to do next and now I’ve decided and hopefully I’ll follow through in about a month and have that happen! Part of the reason I was waiting so long is I was going to donate blood recently but wasn’t able to…I was so disappointed cause I was already, but my iron was too low so they wouldn’t let me do it! boo! But anyway, I like to donate blood if I can and once you get a tattoo you have to wait a year before you can do it. But I’m hoping in about a month I’ll have another tattoo!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pictures for the 21st birthday

As you know, my brother turned 21, here are some of the photos from the party...part 2 to be celebrated in Vegas!
The Cupcakes...of course i didn't get any pictures of the baked goods i slaved over!

The Birthday Boy....DILLON!

Mexican Horseshoes

Beer Pong

Street Fighter Tourney (video game)


The Girlfriend ;)

Monday, July 9, 2012

aaah finally 21

It’s been a while…..

Last week was a pretty good week and the weekend was a lot of fun!

Last week was 4 th of July, so that meant BBQ, of course! A good friend of our family, more so my aunt, she’s know this guy for a long, long time and I’ve known him and his family for as long as I can remember. Well his birthday happens to be on July 4 th so they throw a BBQ for his birthday and 4 th of July, just about every year. It was a lot of fun. Kids in the pool and the adults hangin out, drinking beer and playing horseshoes. My favorite part about these gatherings is gossiping with my grandma! She’s always got something good on someone lol! Gotta catch up on what’s going on when I see her! Which is just great, cause it’s grandma! Makes it that much funnier that we can sit there and do that! Love ya Gram!

Unfortunately as the holiday was on a Wednesday, I had to work on Thursday, only to have Friday off. (this happened to be our Friday off week) And of course though I tried, I couldn’t get Thursday off, we had too many people that were going to be on vacation that week, and with the position I work in we can only have so many people out at a time in order to make sure all the shifts are covered. It’s not like I was going to do anything anyways, I just figured I’d try and make it a 5 day weekend! that didn’t happen, oh well….but it was kind of nice because the facility was pretty dead, so it was a quiet Thursday!!

What was great during this week was my Tuesday/Thursday class was cut short on Tuesday, we had a quiz and the professor had something come up so he let us go after we took our quiz, so I was out of there by 6:15, class started at 6! Woohoo! Then Thursday I left a little early from class, it was bad enough I had to work the day after the holiday, but school too! I just wasn’t having it that day! I like to give myself at least on class off, and so I left early, since technically I will be missing Thursday’s class next week because I’ll be in Vegas! Which is so much better! Lol

Which brings me to this past weekend! I know, what does Vegas have to do with this past weekend? Well, today my brother turns 21! Happy Birthday Brother!! He had his friends over for a party. True 21 style, beer pong and “mexican horseshoes” (at least that’s what we call it), and my brother being into comic books and video games, had a street fighter tournament, which is a video game. We turned it all into a tournament. Of course my parents kicked everyone’s butt in the Mexican horseshoe tournament. They came back from the loser’s bracket to beat everyone, even double dipped the team from the winner’s bracket! It should’ve been Bill and I lol, but my parents just barely beat us!

I slaved away for this party, I spent all of Saturday baking cookies and finishing my cake pops and making cupcakes! Ok, it probably wasn’t all of Saturday, but it was a good 5 hours. Which for me felt like all day, I have bad feet and knees and they were killing me by the time I was done. Which as soon as I was done, it was time to shower and be ready for the party…partly my own fault since I didn’t start baking til around noon, oh well…That is one thing I enjoy, I like to bake, I just don’t like to eat any of it. Mostly cause I’m picky hehe if it’s not a chocolate chip cookie I probably won’t eat it and even then I probably won’t eat it, cause I’m just not a cookie or sweets eater. I do love a good brownie or chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting. And the brownie can’t have nuts in it, no sir, not for me.

Ok, got a little off track there…..

So Vegas, this past weekend was the part numero uno for my brother’s 21 st birthday. He had all his friends come and had a good time. So next weekend, we are going to Vegas, it’s just our family. And some good family friends that live in Vegas will be with us one night as well. None of his friends will be there, which is why we had the party this past weekend so he could celebrate with his friends…they are too young to have money to go to Vegas, plus not all of them are 21. Although we are taking his girlfriend, who’s not 21, but we’ll keep that to ourselves.

I’ll post some pictures from the party once I’ve gone through them…I was too lazy yesterday, ok maybe not lazy, but I chose to go to grandmas and go swimming and lay in the sun a bit rather than going through them…which also caused me to stay up till 10 doing laundry since I didn’t do that either! Lol!

Other than that, I’m looking forward to a good week and weekend. I have a midnight madness softball tournament coming up on Friday and a baby shower on Sunday for an old friend that I haven’t seen much of in a long while, but I’m so happy for her and happy to be able to be there for her.

*For those of you who don’t know…a midnight madness tournament is exactly what it sounds like….it’s playing softball into the wee hours of the morning….games starting when it gets dark and the championship game is usually around 3am….unfortunately I probably won’t be able to nap before this one cause it’s a working Friday for me, but oh well…haven’t don’t one of these tournaments in a long time, and they are a lot of fun…guess it’ll be a lot of disgusting 5 hour energies for me! lol

It’ll be hot, not as hot as the east coast and other places so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much, but once it gets over 85 I’m not too thrilled! :/

Oh well, that’s summer for ya!