Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Look At What's Next

Now that the wedding is behind me I’m looking forward to what’s coming next, mostly! Ha! Although I took myself out of knowing what was involved in the wedding and trying to help, the last month was crazy! Something was going on every weekend and on top of that school was finishing up!

The semester ended just a couple of weeks ago and I’ve enjoyed being off, spending my time with Bill! It’s been great not having to come home from work spend a little time with him and rush off to school! Haven’t really known what to do with myself! Lol! It will be short lived! This summer semester is going to be brutal in that I will be at school Mon. – Thurs. I’ll get home from work and have a little time before having to go to school! AND four days a week! Gah! Yes I was at school four days a week last semester too but it wasn’t four straight, but hey, at least one of the classes isn’t on Saturday as I’ve had to do the last two semesters! I think I’m done with Saturday classes for the rest of the time! Thanks goodness I can have my weekends back! The only negative is that the week after summer semester ends, the fall semester begins, literally the next week! :/ Kind of crappy but, I’ll go from four days a week on campus to only two! I can’t wait for that! I’ll still be taking four classes but two of them will be online! It will be such a nice break only having to go on campus twice a week!

I’m looking forward to July, my brother turns 21 and we are going to Vegas! Three days! It should be a lot of fun! Fuckin hot! But a lot of fun! The plan is to have a party with him and his friends the weekend before at the house because his friends won’t be able to go to Vegas. Then the following weekend him and his girlfriend, Bill and I, my sister, my parents and I believe my newly married cousin and her husband and maybe a few more people are hittin up Vegas! Yes, I said my parents. I rarely go to Vegas without my parents! Is that weird? I think some people would think so, or at least some people my age might! But, I’m not one to go to the clubs and that kind of thing when I go to Vegas. I prefer going downtown and walking around with a drink in my hand, and I do that with my parents! And we have a lot of fun!

I’m hoping we will go back to Vegas in October for my Dad’s 50 th birthday! We have family friends that live out there, my dad’s best bud, so it would be great to be able to spend his 50 th with them. Plus Bill’s birthday is in October as well ;)

I’m also hoping to hit up Disneyland around that time too! Last time Bill and I went he bought me some pink glittery mouse ears! Love them! But, we bought them on our way out, SO I have to go so I can wear them! :D Plus who doesn’t like Disneyland? My sister, I tell her she doesn’t have a soul if she doesn’t like Disneyland HAHA! I’m taking my niece so she’ll have to go! I told her I’d take her around this time for her birthday (even though her birthday is in May, I told her I’d take her towards the end of the year for her birthday present, couldn’t swing it for her birthday this year, which she was fine with, but she’s six so she’d have to be! Hehe!)

As for the day to day, I’ll take that one day at a time and enjoy the company of my love and just relax till the summer semester of hell starts!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Wedding - Mr. & Mrs. Cain 5.20.12

The wedding was a week and a half ago, I just haven't had the time to post about it, but here goes! (Some of you may have seen it on FB already ;) )

I'm so happy for my cousin Krista and her new husband Justin! I was glad to be a part of it and be one of her bridesmaids. It was a lot of planning that i quickly took myself out of in the beginning, too much changing of minds on this and that! lol. I said, just tell me what we're wearing and where I need to be and when.

My aunt did a beautiful job planning and seeing it all through. Stayed within her budget (or so she says lol) and it turned out great! She did a lot herself which was wonderful. She's very creative. She made the centerpieces and did the decorating for the reception. You'll see in the pictures, beautiful.

My cousin chose the day, May 20th as her wedding day because that is the wedding anniversary of my aunt and her step father, as well as the same day my grandma got married to my grandpa. three generations were married on the 20th of May. Pretty cool and it would be great to see her children and grandchildren follow suit!

They had the wedding at a golf course where we live and the theme was peacocks, not sure where they came up with that, but worked very well. My cousin would've probably preferred zebra but went with the peacock! lol.

The night before the wedding we, part of the bridal party and my family went out to the bar. Maybe not the smartest idea since some of use, ahem me, had to be at my aunts house at 8AM for hair and make up!! ya, i definitely went home early, can't say the same for the rest of them! I think they got in around 2AM! The day of the wedding!! Crazy most would say, but we all had a good time and they continued having a good time after i left at 11! haha! But, those are the nights you'll look back on and remember the good times you had. they will think of that night when they think of thier wedding and how we came together as friends and family and had a good time!

Here's a look at the wedding! Welcome to the family Justin! I Love you both!!





Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Almost wedding time

It’s almost time for the wedding! My cousin’s wedding! I know, it’s probably weird that I talk so much about her wedding, it’s not like it’s my own. BUT, it is what’s going on in my life right now!! Yes, I’m busy with other things! Finishing up finals week tonight for the semester! Thank goodness! Lol!

Speaking of college… a good friend of mine that I’ve known since we were youngens, she’s a couple years younger than I am, she graduated college and I couldn’t be more proud of her. She graduated from California Lutheran University. She’s going on to graduate school to work in their deaf studies program. She was 1 of 12 that were accepted out of hundreds, I’m not exactly sure how many, but a lot. I’m so proud of her!

Ok…back to the wedding…we had the rehearsal and dinner this past weekend. Rehearsal was nice and quick. Hopefully no one messes it up on the big day! (this Sunday!)…The rehearsal dinner lasted until 1:00AM. It was so much fun. We had family there along with the bridal party! After a while, we started buying rounds of $1 shots! Even got grandma taking a few! Love you GG!! By the end of the night we must have had 15 rounds of these $1 shots. Now, yes they were little, cause they were only $1, but that adds up! Plus they were good! The first ones were Malibu rum and other stuff, they were peach, so I’m not sure what was in them but they were good! Later it was changed out to a sweet tart..which literally tasted like the candy. The grape flavored one, which I don’t really care for that particular flavor, but they weren’t bad! To top it all off, a few people in the party started ordering AMF’s…for those who don’t know, that is and “Adios Mother Fucker”…and let me tell you after a couple of those, that’s exactly what happens!! I didn’t drink those that night otherwise I would’ve been gone! They are so good, you just keep drinking them and then next thing you know, you’re gone! They taste like Kool-Aid so you drink em that way! A couple people had hangovers an I found out the next day a couple people ended up giving offering to the porcelain goddess! HAHA! Glad it wasn’t me!

The wedding is on Sunday, so I’m going to have to pick up my bridesmaid dress this week sometime. Which was a total horror story because they just got in last week and the wedding is this coming weekend! But they got in, I guess that’s all that matters! I got it fitted over the weekend and will pick it up tomorrow or Thursday. I’m not thrilled about the way they look, but it’s not my wedding, so of course I’m going to wear it….

It’ll be nice when this is all over…school will be over for the semester and the wedding will be done, I’ll have a month to just relax until summer semester starts up! I’m really looking forward to that!