Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas come and gone

Christmas has come and gone. I'm happy because I can finally stop crocheting. I can give my fingers/hands/arms a break. It was worth it though, giving my family members a present that was practical and something that had a little more meaning to it since I made it. AND I was finally able to give Bill his present! Which was nerve racking. I gave him an Xbox and he's been wanting one for a while. I had to keep convincing him to wait to buy one. He would mention it when he saw one for a good price and I had to keep telling, him no, no, just wait. Thankfully he did and I was able to surprise him with it.

This Christmas my Uncle and his wife on my dad's side, who we don't really see, were able to come up and spend a day with the family, along with Martha, a woman who lives with my grandmother, who i absolutely adore! Martha is great! My grandmother and her sister also came up, and have been staying with us this week, they will go home tomorrow. It's been good to see her and see her doing so well after her hospital stay and being sick. It's also brought us all together with having dinners at my other Aunt's home. Playing games like we do at all the holidays. It's been great.

Now I'm going to enjoy the rest of my time off from work, I'll go back next Wednesday :/


  1. Beautiful Christmas tree!

    I always get a bit of the After-the-Holidays-Blues. All the effort that goes into making everything, cooking, baking, picking out and buying gifts etc, etc and then POOF it's all over in a freaking flash! Sounds like you had some relaxing and fun times at Christmas and that's what is important. Really glad to hear that your grandmother was well enough to travel and was able to participate in the festivities.

    Merry Christmas, Devin and may 2013 be a fabulous year for you filled with good health, much happiness, and prosperity. xoxo

    1. Glad you liked the tree, I wasn’t sure how it would turn out with hot pink and blue! Hehe! Those were the only good colors they had! This is what happens when the decorations get thrown away and you don’t realize it until the day you put the tree up which of course was like a week before Christmas! Haha!

      I agree, it does seem like it’s all gone in an instant! It’s true, you do all that planning, and spend all the time baking, making gifts etc and them BAM, gone! It’s just crazy! But yes, it was good times all around and grandma is doing better all the time!

      Cheers to a new year! xoxo