Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Thanksgiving was great! I’m glad it’s over though! I love spending time with my family and eating the great food, but it’s nice not to worry about what I need to get at the store and what needs to be made when etc. Plus I’ve eaten like crap for the last week! Haha! I’ve been trying to cut back on soda consumption and for the last week I feel like that’s all I’ve been drinking!

But anyway, it was a success! Bill and I made pies on Wed. night and were up until 2 in the morning! partly because we had to work and didn’t get started til about 5 or 6 in evening! BUT the pies were great and loved by all! I was nervous about making the apple pie, but it turned out great and everyone ate it! We had everything you would imagine at a dinner: two turkeys, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole (yum!), sweet potatoes, baked mac n cheese, stuffing and rolls…I’m probably forgetting something, but you get the idea! Lots of food! Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of any of it! by the time I thought about it, it was too late! Oh well! I did get some pictures of some of us thanks to my niece, she wanted to take pictures. I’ll have to go through them and post those later!

I must tell you, if ever you see a recipe for “Pumpkin Bourbon Mousse” delete it, run away screaming, pretend you never saw it!! I saw this recipe online, it looked great based on the picture, I figured it was like eggnog for thanksgiving. I was sadly mistaken. If you enjoy eating an entire pumpkin by itself all at once then feel free to make this drink. That’s the best explanation I have, shoving an entire pumpkin pie in your mouth all at once. Again, if that’s something you would enjoy, this drink is for you. It’s not really even a drink; it’s like a cup of warm mushed up pie. We even tried chilling it and adding more rum (we used rum instead of bourbon) no bueno. Still just gross. Bill was the only one that drank his, and probably because he was just being nice not wanting to hurt my feelings. Even though I did tell him it wouldn’t, because even I couldn’t stomach it. We ended up throwing the whole thing down the drain which then smelt like the rum the rest of the evening, which isn’t so bad. I will never look at pumpkin the same; the sight of anything made of pumpkin will forever be nauseating after this.

On a good note, we did get to play our favorite family get together car game! Only 4 of us played, this year everyone was beat. I was too, but playing cards gave me a bit of a second wind and being the one in the lead when we decided to stop was nice too :P

Next we will feast again at Christmas! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

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