Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Long While

It’s been too long. I haven’t been able to get on the computer other than to work on a project or homework in I don’t know how long. I haven’t had a chance to check in with people and see what’s going on in their lives and read all the bloggidy goodness that my friends have. Thank goodness for smart phones...They keep me up to date! What would we do without them….probably be more productive! HA!

This will be the first week in the last couple months that I don’t really have anything going on, other than school; which of course, always seems to be going on. Can’t quite get away from that yet! I’ll be happy when I do.

I’ve been a part of something special so I can’t complain…it just takes a lot of your time away, but again, not complaining…to much;) As I’ve mentioned before, I was helping coach a girl’s softball team. Great group of girls, I won’t ever forget them. BUT, it was a lot of work and I wasn’t involved full time because I have school, but I was there for 90% of it. I did enjoy it though.

What’s taken up my time lately is making their gifts. Their season ended at the end of October and because of scheduling conflicts with all the girls we are having a team party next weekend, the 17 th . Well, it’s normal for the manager/coaches to throw a party for the girls and celebrate the season and their accomplishments and get them little trophies or something along those lines as a little gift. So I dumbly decided that I would make them photo books for their gifts on Shutterfly….I knew it would be time consuming because I had made one not too long ago for myself/family because I had an offer for a free book. This took me FOREVER to make! I spent hours doing this one book. AND NOW HERE I WAS HAVING TO MAKE 12 OF THEM!!! It took me about a week maybe a little longer, working on them a couple hours a night, sometimes longer, but I finally finished them! So now I can breathe! Haha! I think they’ll like them though…at least they better…I put too much time in them for them not too! hehe only kidding…but really they better like them! ;)

Now that the season is over I feel like I have my time back, again not complaining. I can get back to focusing on school which I’ll admit has been a struggle for me this semester. Not the work, just the focusing part, but the semester is almost over and I just need to buckle down and plow through it.

Now onto the next thing….making Christmas gifts! AND who can forget Thanksgiving and all the delicious food! Looking forward to some green bean casserole!

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