Friday, October 5, 2012


Friday…you’ve come at last! What a long week and for no particular reason. It just seemed to drag on and on, and on. BUT it’s finally Friday! Woohoo! I wish I could say my weekend was filled with absolutely nothing, meaning lounging around and playing video games all day with Bill! Sadly for me, that will not be the case. NOT that it will be filled with bad things or crazy things. AND I should add it’s all by choice…I chose to do the things I’m going to do, so I really shouldn’t complain, but I like to anyway. HA! Well I’m not really complaining either….right?!

At least tonight will be relaxed and I’ll be doing something I really enjoy, which of course is spending time with Bill. His birthday was yesterday, which he also happens to share with his oldest daughter, who turned 6, (yes, he has 2 kids 6 & 4) so he spent their birthday with her and so we weren’t able to do anything together, so that’s why we are going out tonight the two of us! Nothing beats good food and I’m sure a beer or two to make for a relaxing night!

THEN Saturday I’ll be playing softball most of the day. Tournament. Not complaining, I’m just not looking forward to the sore feet on Sunday. BECAUSE I went to the doctor on Monday and found I have Plantar Fasciitis….which nothing can really be done about, so hopefully my new shoe inserts will help for tomorrow!!...but anyway, the tournament is good because it’s for a cause, charity tournament. It’s fundraising, and I hate to say it, but I can’t recall what we are fundraising for. I know it’s for a specific kid that my friend knows, who is hosting the tournament. I know… it’s terrible that I can’t say what the cause is for!! BUT that’s why I’m playing!

AND Sunday is coaching…I guess I haven’t mentioned that I’ve been coaching….Girls Softball 12u (12 & under)….this is not something I ever saw myself doing. But here I am. I’m really there just helping, as my school schedule doesn’t allow me to be there on their main practice days, so I say I’m just helping. PLUS, it’s not like I have a daughter on the team…it’s a friend of ours, the same one throwing the tournament, her daughter plays on the team and she asked my sister and I to help, so that’s what we are doing. They play every Sunday, through the end of October. So that’s where I’ll be on Sunday.

Geez! All that to describe a few days. Hope I wasn’t rambling too much…but ….“that’s my prerogative”

And now you all have that song in your head like me! enjoy!


  1. If I'm going to have a song stuck in my head, My Prerogative is not a bad one. Actually, it's one of my favs.

    I think it is absofreakinglutely AWESOME that you are coaching, Devin!! I'll bet you're great at it, too. You're patient and kind, you know softball and you love kids, so you can't miss.

    And I hear ya, even when we're busy with stuff that we want, it's not the same as just jelling out in front of the TV!! Maybe you'll get to do that one day next weekend? xoxo

    1. Haha ya, that’s definitely a good one! Plus it could’ve been worse! Lol

      Aww thanks! I try to do my best! It’s great to watch them improve and know that you’re part of that and you helped them to get better. :)

      It’s totally not the same lol! But it’s all good! I’d like to say that I’ll get to sleep in and sit around all this coming weekend, but no. BUT it’s ok. Actually I do get to sleep in on Friday and a little bit Sunday. So that’s a plus! I’ll take it ;) Hope you’re having a great week and you have a great weekend too! xoxo