Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Grandma Rose:(

My grandmother has been in the hospital for just over a week. It's bad enough that my Uncle didnt tell my dad right away but I cant even tell you how upset I am tonight.
I came down yesterday with my famil...to San Diego, where my grandmother lives and is in the hospital, to see her and my mother and I drove back early this morning to see her again and get more information on what the situation was. When we got here we had just missed the doctor by ten minutes..... Just so you know, we were driving in from 3 hours out....so we were told that with what is wrong with her she decided to have surgery. So after being here all day, the surgery was moved back from the afternoon to the evening. I made the decision to take another day off work....I took today off and made the decision to fake tomorrow off as well so that I could see my grandmother before she want into surgery and make sure she made it through just in case.
Well she went in not that long ago. BUT and here it is...first let me tell you this is my dads mom...and so he only sibling, his brother is here with his wife and their cousin is here. Whom I may hate for the rest of my life. Not because she has to be in charges of everything and seems to be faking the niceness since I haven't seen her since I was a wee child and frankly dont remember her at all...no none of that is why.
As they come in to take my grandmother downstairs I kind of just get out of the way so they can get her into the new bed and get her moved, I was able to say a quick "we are followyoh down there and we'll see you before you go in" before they took her in.
So we get down to the surgery waiting area and they tell us only two family members...so obviously her two sons...but no the cousin cant control herself. .."im just gunna go see where they are taking her, i'll be back." And guess what she doesn't come back. So at that point whatever, its F-ing annoying but whatever. After that were are waiting a long time waiting for the chance to see her before she goes in cause they told us that two family members could come back and see her once she's ready to go before they start. So eventually my dad comes back and no cousin, stays back there, and mind you she's been there for a while, this whole time. So ky father comes back and picks up my mother and his sister-in-law. Then my parents walk back, now this was very quick. So they tell me that as soon as they got there they whisker her away into surgery. Then this bitch comes walking back with my uncle and aunt. And I was ok on the outside for a second and I walked away to call Bill to tell him this bitch may taken my last chance to see my grandmother alive away from. Then I just lost it and broke down. How dare you stay back there knowing there are other people that need to see her, how dare you! AND then not even apologize to me the next time you see me. I dont think the bitch feels the least bit sorry.
Now I started writing while waiting for her ti get out of surgery of course not knowing if I would get to see mt grandmother alive again because of course anything could happen during a major surgery and especially how frail she was. Im finishing this with the good news that she has made it out of surgery so far but is no where near the end of the rainbow and the next few days will be very critical.
I can't tell you how pissed I still am, there is still a chance that she could go, of course I'm not thinking about that. I will hate this woman for the rest of my life if something happens. My jaw is going to be sore and now I know why my shoulders are tight, because as I type this im getting mad all over again and tensing up and clenching my jaw. We have been in the waiting room going on 6 hours and I can't even look at her. I feel sick to my stomach...although I will admit that could be the 2.5 five hour energies i've had in the last almost 24 hours that I have been awake..so far I think its 22 hours ...
I will now focus on the positive that it wasn't cancer and she's made it this far and she's a fighter, she will make it. Otherwise I might have to cut this bitch!


  1. Oh Devin, I am so sorry. I hope by the time you read this comment that your grandmother is recovering very well from surgery and that you're able to see her soon!

    You have EVERY right to be furious with this inconsiderate and selfish woman. When you can, I think you should say something or maybe your father could. She needs to know that what she did was WRONG. Hopefully, by saying something, this will prevent issues in the future.

    I'm sending healing light your way. xoxo

    1. Thank you! Those healing thoughts are already working!
      I asked my parents today how she was doing and if they'd heard anything and it's wonderful news. She's doing so much better and she's doing stuff i would have never thought! i hate to say it like this, but she looked like death when i saw her after the surgery, i wasn't sure she'd make it. BUT, my aunt texted my mother today and said she was sitting up in bed and she walked a bit i believe, it's amazing that she was able to do this when just yesterday i wouldn't have thought this possible! It's really amazing, and i'm so happy!! I'm going to see her next Friday and i can't wait to see the progress she's made.

      My hope is that my father will say something, I dont even want to have words with her, but you're right she definitely needs to told, because it's unforgivable what she did.

      I appreciate the healing light, keep it coming!! ;) xoxo

    2. This is all good to hear, Dev! People can truly amaze (in good and bad ways!!).

      And I think you're right, you father needs to say something. This definitely needs to be prevented from happening in the future.

      Will continue to send healing light your way. xoxo

    3. They mostly amaze me in bad ways! Lol...sad but true! :/
      Thank you for the support and healing thoughts Knoty!! Xoxo