Saturday, July 14, 2012


Tattoos…..oh how I love them! Not that I want my body covered in them cause I definitely don’t and I personally don’t think that looks very good.

Now I know tattoos are a form of expression and to each his own. BUT, I’m sorry, there are some really dumb tattoos out there, which again, the person with that tattoo is probably going to think it’s awesome and I’m sure there are people who would think my tattoos are dumb! I really do not get the person who tattoos their whole body or their face, I just don’t get it. But that’s just me. If that’s what floats your boat then go for it, you just won’t see me doing it.

Lots of people I know have tattoos. My parents, my cousins, my aunt, my sister and some of my friends. In fact, my mother took me to get my first tattoo at 16 (when you could get a tattoo at 16, I don’t know that you can anymore). My parents had a couple tattoos before we were born but I’ve been witness to them getting the more recent ones, which I think is pretty cool. To the point where my mother, my sister and I actually share 2 tattoos. We got matching tattoos on our foot years ago. And more recently we all 3 got another one. It’s a lily with the Chinese word for family. My sister and I also share a matching tattoo. We both have the Chinese symbol for twin, since we are twins. hehe

I bring this up because I’m thinking I’m going to get my next tattoo soon. Soon meaning, at least a month and hopefully not much longer than that. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, I just haven’t done it. I go back and forth about what I want to do. I also weigh in Bill’s opinion. Now, let me say about that…yes he’d love me no matter what and yes I am my own person and if I really wanted to do something I’d do it. but because I care about his opinion and I know he’ll tell me how he really feels about it and will tell me the truth about how he feels it’ll look I take that into consideration.

There are a couple of things I’d like to do eventually, but what I’m looking to do first is put something on my left side. I’ve already got a large tattoo on my right side (that still needs some finishing up), what I’m thinking of doing is small, or somewhat small for now. I love lilies. They are my favorite flower, particularly the stargazers (the hot pink and white ones), but I love all lilies in any color! So I’m thinking I’m going to do 3 small lilies going down at kind of a slant with some girly black swirls around them…my thought is to have it so that if I wanted to add to it I could. I’m sure that doesn’t give a very good visual picture but I’ve seen some pictures online of other people’s tattoos to kind of have some inspiration. Which of course I don’t want to copy anybody and have the same thing…

I’ve had that happen already…picked my first tattoo off of the wall in the shop and a week later saw some girl with the same tattoo in the same spot, only different colors. Never doing that again!! That is one of the changes I will be making in future tattoos, I will be fixing that tattoo somehow to make it better! I’m also looking to put a tattoo on my other foot. I don’t like the one I have now on my left foot so I want to add to it and then do then make the same thing on my right foot and have them match! d

Tattoos are so addicting…yes I’ve wanted and thought about getting another tattoo on and off, all the time! But it’s always someone getting a tattoo that makes me think about it even more! I guess I’m jealous that I didn’t get to get one! Hahaha! For instance, my sister got another one not too long ago, which started me thinking more about what I really wanted to do next and now I’ve decided and hopefully I’ll follow through in about a month and have that happen! Part of the reason I was waiting so long is I was going to donate blood recently but wasn’t able to…I was so disappointed cause I was already, but my iron was too low so they wouldn’t let me do it! boo! But anyway, I like to donate blood if I can and once you get a tattoo you have to wait a year before you can do it. But I’m hoping in about a month I’ll have another tattoo!!


  1. I have four tattoo's a cross for my friend Tina who died last year, an anklet a fairy and 5 stars on my back for each one of my kids(with their birthstone colors)I'm not done yet though...

    1. Im sorry your friend passed but I love that you did that in her memory.
      I've always wanted a fairy, just haven't done that yet...and I love that you dis that for your kids, that's awesome and cute! Those are the one names I will tattoo on my body when I have kids eventually, and probably my parents.
      You'll have to let us know when you get another one :p

  2. I love how you wrote "I care about his opinion and I know he’ll tell me how he really feels about it and will tell me the truth about how he feels it’ll look I take that into consideration." Absodamnlutely. Of course, we are our own person, but I agree that when you love someone you want to take their thoughts into consideration. You summed that all up beautifully.

    And I LOVE Stargazers! Gorgeous flower. One of my favs, too. But don't worry, I'm not planning on getting a stargazer tat! I think it's wonderful that you, your mom, and your sister all went together to get the same tats. That is really cool.

    I want another tattoo so much! I feel like a bum with only one!! Hahaha! Seriously though, I WILL get another one someday (soon I hope). I know exactly what I want.

    LOVED this post, Devin! Let us know when you decide what you're going to get done next!! xo

    1. THANK YOU!

      You have to take it into consideration when you love someone, but in the end if it's something we really want to do, they will support us and love us no matter what!

      LOL it's ok you can get a stargazer! Cause they are great, LOVE THEM!! just don't get the same exact thing i'm getting unless we did it together hahaha!!

      Lol, you're so funny, "feel like a bum" hahaha! At least you know what you want, that's always the problem! What to know you want to get one, but what to get!? So what is it that you want??

      I will definitely let you know and post pictures :D xoxo