Sunday, June 3, 2012

Changing it up

Bill and I decided, well I said, we need another dresser we this one little one that has some of his stuff and some of mine in it, I need a little more room for my stuff. Now, with that last statement, don't think i'm one of those girls with tons of clothes, shoes etc. i'm totally not, i have a minimal amount of clothes. Shoes, that's some what of a different story, I LOVE shoes, I like cute shoes but i never wear them! I can't wear heels very often or for too long, they hurt my feet, i don't know how women wear them all day long!! I've had to do plenty of cleanses of my closet to get rid of shoes! i'm down to a reasonable amount. hehe....anyway, we went and bought a small dresser this morning and he'll have one and i'll take the old one. We also did it so that he could have a nightstand (gotta have a place to put his drink when we play video games and watch TV hehe). His side of the beds been against the wall, so we are going to try it with it being in the middle of the bed and having dressers as nightstands. I was worried it might take away some of the space in the room, but when we're in there we are sitting on the bed anyway, so what does it matter.

So, my day was spent doing the laundry and the dusting and vacuuming that i've been putting off. I HATE to dust and vacuum, bleh! I had my brother help me move the bed and i built the dressers Bill and I bought this morning before he left. I put the dressers in the bedroom and it did leave less space than i'd like, but, again, we are going to be on the bed, so it should be fine. Change is good! A moved a picture around and have one i've got to hang back up somewhere else. I'll wait for Bill to help me with that! I've just got to put the clothes away and fill the new dresser with his stuff and we'll be set! I hope he likes the change.(He better cause it took me an hour to build those dressers! LOL)


  1. I hate dusting too, I don't mind vacuuming. You put the dresser together all by yourself? I suck at that kind of stuff. Have you seen how many people love the button you made? It's great. Thank you for making it. I'm trying to get people to get more involved, if you have any idea's let me know.

    1. Gah! I know it’s the worst!! You always feel disgusting after dusting!

      Lol, Yes, I put it together myself! It was just a put this panel here, that one there and screw together lol!

      I’m glad the button is liked, I got the idea from something I saw online. I hope others submit stuff, I’d love to see what they come up with!

  2. I'm with you, shoes are the bomb...too bad that most of the really cute ones suck at comfort!!!

    And I live for dusting and vacuuming. NOT. I agree, change is good. We need to shift things around in our rooms (and in our heads) every-so-often or things just get dull, dull, dullski!

    Did Bill like the change?? If he's a smart man, he will LOVE the change up. Dying to find out, don't leave me hanging, Dev!!

    1. Totally agree! all the cute ones are the most uncomfortable! And it’s hard to find a cute pair of tennis shoes, that aren’t running type shoes or don’t cost an arm and a leg. I’m kinda cheap sometimes so I gotta find something cute that isn’t too expensive haha! Luckily I found a couple pairs that I really like not too long ago because my other tennis shoes took a crap! so these’ll last me a while! They better! Hehe

      Haha, yes Bill definitely liked it! I must’ve asked him 4 or 5 times, “are you sure you like it?” lol! he definitely did, he’s got more room for stuff and I have more room. I think the only person, well not person, that was weirded out by it was Rosco! My poor little puppy, ok he’s not really a puppy anymore, but he’ll always be my puppy! But when I first moved the bed around it took him 5 minutes to get up, cause he’s got less room on the side he used, so now he’s learned to use the front of the bed, which always boggled my mind why he didn’t or wouldn’t before! Lol

      But anyway, I think this is going to work out good, til the next change haha! But I totally agree with you, life gets too dull if it’s the same thing over and over! Keep the mind and body engaged and not on autopilot!