Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Almost wedding time

It’s almost time for the wedding! My cousin’s wedding! I know, it’s probably weird that I talk so much about her wedding, it’s not like it’s my own. BUT, it is what’s going on in my life right now!! Yes, I’m busy with other things! Finishing up finals week tonight for the semester! Thank goodness! Lol!

Speaking of college… a good friend of mine that I’ve known since we were youngens, she’s a couple years younger than I am, she graduated college and I couldn’t be more proud of her. She graduated from California Lutheran University. She’s going on to graduate school to work in their deaf studies program. She was 1 of 12 that were accepted out of hundreds, I’m not exactly sure how many, but a lot. I’m so proud of her!

Ok…back to the wedding…we had the rehearsal and dinner this past weekend. Rehearsal was nice and quick. Hopefully no one messes it up on the big day! (this Sunday!)…The rehearsal dinner lasted until 1:00AM. It was so much fun. We had family there along with the bridal party! After a while, we started buying rounds of $1 shots! Even got grandma taking a few! Love you GG!! By the end of the night we must have had 15 rounds of these $1 shots. Now, yes they were little, cause they were only $1, but that adds up! Plus they were good! The first ones were Malibu rum and other stuff, they were peach, so I’m not sure what was in them but they were good! Later it was changed out to a sweet tart..which literally tasted like the candy. The grape flavored one, which I don’t really care for that particular flavor, but they weren’t bad! To top it all off, a few people in the party started ordering AMF’s…for those who don’t know, that is and “Adios Mother Fucker”…and let me tell you after a couple of those, that’s exactly what happens!! I didn’t drink those that night otherwise I would’ve been gone! They are so good, you just keep drinking them and then next thing you know, you’re gone! They taste like Kool-Aid so you drink em that way! A couple people had hangovers an I found out the next day a couple people ended up giving offering to the porcelain goddess! HAHA! Glad it wasn’t me!

The wedding is on Sunday, so I’m going to have to pick up my bridesmaid dress this week sometime. Which was a total horror story because they just got in last week and the wedding is this coming weekend! But they got in, I guess that’s all that matters! I got it fitted over the weekend and will pick it up tomorrow or Thursday. I’m not thrilled about the way they look, but it’s not my wedding, so of course I’m going to wear it….

It’ll be nice when this is all over…school will be over for the semester and the wedding will be done, I’ll have a month to just relax until summer semester starts up! I’m really looking forward to that!


  1. It sounds like you had a lot of fun-yay you!

  2. We did! Its always great when we all get together!

  3. I can't wait to see wedding pics! I don't think it's weird that you're talking about your cousin's wedding. It IS one of the things that's going on in your life!

    That's awesome about your friend and how wonderful that she's going to be taking deaf studies. I also think that it shows what a fabulous friend YOU are that you're proud of her. Go you!

    You must be looking forward to that break until summer semester. Keep that good balance between relaxing and fun, Dev! :)

  4. Thanks Knotty! :D

    I’m going to hopefully take lots and lots of pictures! I’m trying to convince Bill to take pictures during the ceremony for me since I’ll be in it! otherwise I’ll force my brother or his girlfriend to take them! Haha!

    I am sooo looking forward to a break!! Because summer is going to be brutal! I just got an email from one of the professors and it’s going to be a tough class, mostly because it’s time crunched, but that’s to be expected for the short summer semester! But I’ve given myself somewhat of a break for fall semester, I’ve already picked out my classes and if I can have the ones I want, I should only be on campus two nights and no Saturday classes like the previous semesters! Woohoo!!

    I haven’t had time to check in on anyone so I hope all is well with you! xoxo