Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Bridal Shower

Today was my cousins bridal shower! Let me tell you...i'm exhausted! And all i did was drink wine and play games! haha! i did play photographer for a little bit, got some good shots of the bride to be! hope she likes them! she better cause she's my cousin! haha

It was a great turn out and we had a lot of fun. She got a lot of good stuff to get her and her future husband started!
let me get back to the wine! i'm definitely not a wine person at all, i think it's gross. but, i will drink the moscato. As i said, i don't drink wine so i don't know if there is anything else to add to that other than i know it's a moscato! lol. but my aunt made some fruity punch that we added the wine and some cyder to and it was delicious! there was also tons of food. my aunt was somehow able to get a couple of chefs that she knows that work for wolfgang puck (so have no idea on the spelling of his name), I'm not sure how my aunt knows them but they were gracious enough to cook for us ladies and it was wonderful.

We played a couple of the typical games...look through your purse and check it off from a list..and of course made toilet paper wedding dresses! I had a great picture of the toilet paper dress my team did but i took it with the camera on my phone and somehow it got corrupted :-(....oh well

I'm so happy I was able to share this day with her. i love you Krista! your the best cuz!

next is the bachelorette party next weekend!
of course it will be the night i get my braces on! lol, i'll just have to drink extra to deal with the pain! haha!.




  1. Sounds like a fun party! Sounds like they turned the Moscato in a Sangria...yum. Would love to hear more about the food! I'm a huge food voyeur.

    Love the pics of the gifts and the bride-to-be. Really enjoyed this post, Devin. :)

  2. Thanks Knoty!! xo

    You would’ve loved the food, I couldn’t say no to any of the appetizers, ok, well that’s a lie, I did say no to the salmon pizza, since I don’t like fish. BUT, according to those who ate it, it was delicious. They had these fried mushrooms in marinara sauce that were to die for. Someone who doesn’t like mushrooms ate one not realizing it was a mushroom. Which of course I had to shove in their face the fact that they loved it, cause I love me some mushrooms. They also had this fancy version of a hamburger, it was adorable, it was a little ball of ground beef I guess, on top of a small little circle of pita or something, I’m not sure, and topped with a tiny circle of tomato and one of pickle, it was sooo good. I wish I had a picture of it, I was too busy eating it! haha! They also had bbq pizza, tomato mozzarella and olive “sticks” for lack of a better word, covered in olive oil or something. That was just appetizers going around as we were all chatting away. Dinner was the best baked mac n cheese I’ve ever tasted. With some beef, so tender and delicious it was falling apart. Some chicken and asparagus topped with goat cheese. There was also a salmon dish that I obviously didn’t try but everyone says was delicious. The deserts looked good; I’m not sure what they were as I’m extremely picky with that stuff, so I didn’t try any of it. It was crème brulee, not even sure what that is, but people were excited. Also some chocolate stuffed something or other and a few other things I’m not sure. It was pretty amazing and they were the nicest people. It was a brother and sister I believe. Very sweet and GREAT food!

    1. Holy moly!! Food sounds FABulous. Next time, take pics of the food. Haha! Thanks for taking the time to write all about it, Dev xo Now I'm hungry!

  3. It looks like fun! What a mega pressy!!

  4. Lol Knoty!
    Ill try to find time between stuffing my face next time! Haha!
    hopefully the food will be just as good at the wedding ;) xoxo