Sunday, April 29, 2012


I've been braced!! It happened, I got my braces!! I was extremely nervous, but it was pain free which was good....cause I didnt know what to expect. I'm sooo not in love with the way it looks right now, bleh!! Im sure they'll look better.

I got them on Friday and totally felt like Josey Grossy from Never Been Kissed! Gah! I especially felt this way cause friday night was the night of my cousins bachelorette party and we were all going out in cute little party dresses, so that is totally how i felt!!

the pain has somewhat subsided as of today, my lips are starting to get used to the cuts and callusing over lol! But it'll be worth it in the end!!


  1. Well, I guess I shouldn't say congratulations, lol! Yes it will be worth it and you'll be happy you did it. Glad your lips are getting used to it so soon.. it really sucks big time.

  2. Hahaha! Thanks Susi!

    It’s definitely not fun! But yes, it’ll be worth it, just gotta keep telling myself that! hehe!!