Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bachelorette Party

This was a lot of fun once we finally found the place! We went to The Hollywood Men and must've went up and down the street 3 or 4 times looking for the place. I had to call the place, got a recording but we finally found it!

unfortunately there aren't many pictures, just crappy ones from my phone! :( i didn't bring my camera in cause i wasn't sure if i could, of course i found out i could've, but oh well! We had fun, that's all that matters. Lots and lots of hot hard bodies! I'll be honest, yes the men were nice to look at, but i was impressed more by the dance moves of some of these guys! they could dance, i was jealous! hahaha it was great, i recommend going at least once. it's fun, it's not trashy and gross like watching women strip, cause it's not stripping really, it's more of a show! it was a lot of fun!! here are some pictures, again not great!



  1. Awesome! Looks like you all have fun (which is the point!).

    I've only been to a male strip club once, years ago, but the gang of ladies I went with all had a blast. And you're right, it's NOTHING like regular strip club. I think it's because women are just there to have a great time. It's a party type atmosphere, which is totally the opposite from the other type of strip club.

  2. We definitely had a blast! Lots of screaming and hollerin!

    I totally agree! Its all about having a good time and they definitely Moe sure that's the case! I mean, its nice to look at mostly, but its not necessarily about that...I can't say it enough, like you said, its all about getting together with a lively bunch of ladies and having a great time!!

  3. There is a great fun in the bachelorette party.