Sunday, March 25, 2012

Today has been quite hectic! I woke up to find out that my niece, whose hair i brushed yesterday with my brush, has lice! GAH! And of course i used the brush to brush my own hair last night! Figures!
So my sister did the lice wash on my nieces hair as well as her own and of course I'm thinking i have it too!My head started to itch (paranoid)  thankfully i didn't have it!! But i did have to throw away my brush and all my hair ties and what nots.

We spent the first part of this day running around buying new brushes and hair ties. We figured we'd go to the laundry mat and get everything washed at once instead of having to do 15 loads, since we had to wash bed sets and clothes. Well, let me tell you, the laundry mat is expensive, next time I'm going to just deal with the 15 loads, let's hope there isn't a next time. lice is no fun! even though i didn't have it, i felt the need to wash all my blankets and pillow cases anyway.

I ended up bringing my clothes home and having 2 loads to finish up because the homeless men that decided to come and get dry from the rain in the laundry mat felt it was a good idea to smoke a joint with a five year old inside! smart guys! especially when there is a sign that says to call the police department for loitering and what not. I almost did...i don't care if someone wants to smoke weed, go for it, but not at a laundry mat when there are children present! Like seriously!

So now I'm home, working on the layout of this blog and trying to get it up and running the way i want it! waiting for my boyfriend to come home from being away all weekend. It's been raining and i need someone to cuddle with! :-p As much as i love this rain, i hope it's done with by tomorrow!


  1. Hahaha! What a lovely day you had...NOT!!! Omg. Lice suck the big green weenie!! When my son was little he got them (from school, nice) and it was a nightmare, as you've described nicely in your post. All these years later and all someone has to do is mention the word "lice" and I break out in hives.

    Nice blog, Dev. Can't wait to

  2. OMG! yes they do! they suck it big time! i literally just itched my head reading your comment! lol! She's been on spring break the last week so she must have had them this whole time and just now had them hatch (gross), but hopefully it's all gone!

    Thanks! i'm looking forward to seeing where this goes!

  3. Looking forward to reading your blog, Devin. BTW I'm married to Intricate Knot (in case you wonder who I am!)

  4. Hehe thanks Mr. Green! And thanks for stopping by!

  5. Oh NO, that's awful!!!! I'm so glad to never have experienced lice.

  6. Susi, be very glad lol. It actually wasn't as horrific as I remember it being as a child. Thankfully my niece was the only one that got it, as a kid I think my sister and I both got it as well as my cousins possibly, so that was a nightmare! I hope you don't ever gave to deal with it!